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Wrestling World Cup 2000

  Members of Iran's world-class free style wrestling team participated in this year's Wrestling World Cup 2000. This event was held on February 5-6, 2000 at Patriot Center, George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Athelets from five countries participated in this event including Cuba, Iran, Russia, Ukrain, and the U.S.

Members of the Iranian national team were as follows:

  • 54 kg: Behnam Tayebi and Mohammad Ghassemi
  • 58 kg: Ali Reza Dabir
  • 63 kg: Mashallah Hosseini and Akbar Behtari
  • 69 kg: Mehdi Bara'ati
  • 76 kg: Ramazan Ali Oliaeinejad
  • 85 kg: Mehdi Sarijlu
  • 97 kg: Ali Reza Heidari
  • 130 kg: Ali Reza Karegar and Ali Reza Rezaei

Contrary to expectations by many non-Iranian specialists, Iran's team managed to capture the second place with three gold and two bronze medals. The winners were as follows:

  • Behnam Tayebi, Gold
  • Ali Reza Dabir, Gold
  • Mehdi Sarijlu, Bronze
  • Haidari, Gold
  • Rezaei, Bronze
  Tayebi against the Russian Opponent
Tayebi against the American Opponent
Dabir against the Russian Opponent
Dabir against the Russian Opponent
Dabir against the Russian Opponent
Haidari against the American Opponent
Haidari against Russian Opponent